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Auctioning and Shipping Plants

Could someone please point me to good, relevant information about auctioning
and/or shipping live plants?  I have a boatload of Riccia that has been
floating at the surface of my tank for almost four weeks now.  It has grown
quite a bit and is very tight and thick.  Unfortunately, it is now almost
completely blocking the light from my Riccia growing on rocks below.  I
would like to unload this stuff.  I though about trading in at an LFS for
store credit, but there’s really nothing I need from the store now, except
other live plants, but LFSs don’t carry rare or exotic plants.  I am
considering auctioning it off on Aquabid.com, but I haven’t decided how much
to auction or how much of the proceeds to donate to the defense fund (is it
considered wrong or tacky to want to make a little profit?).  Once I decide
on auctioning or trading, what are good methods for shipping the plants?
What should I do to ensure the plants arrive healthy and happy?  Thanks in
advance for any advice!


P.S.  Did anyone catch Jay Leno’s Headlines Monday night?
         “Gold Fish: Needs good home.  Is irritable, but enjoys watching TV.
         I want that fish!

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