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Question For Tom

Shireen Gonzaga wrote:

> I did a little research on this issue myself recently, and decided
> on Tom Barr's diffuser. There's a picture of it at
>   http://www.spectrumdesignplastics.com/CO2instr.htm
> (I don't think Tom works with this company anymore, tho',
> but you can see the set-up quite nicely in the pictures.)
> I installed it recently and noticed a positive change in my
> tank just 24 hours later -- it appears to be very efficient.
> Just like Tom. :-)

Tom, I had a look at your reactor and was quite impressed and somewhat
surprised. I was impressed at how small the unit is depsite all that I
have heard on the APD about it's efficiency. I was surprised at the
picture of your reactor  because I have been intending for a couple of
weeks now to rebuild my reactor using the same bio-balls which you have
chosen to use.

My question for you is this. Did you keep your reactor one bio-ball
narrow because it is more efficient that way, or was it primarily to
save space? Space for me is not really an issue, and I was going to make
mine wider with more bio-balls. Should I re-think this based on water
flow forced over the bio-balls because of the narrow-ness of the tube,
or is this whole issue a total red herring? (sorry for the pun!)

Ed Dumas