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Re: Microsword Upheaval

Don M wrote:
"Brazilian Microsword according to Kaspar Horst has the tendency to uprootand 
"seek the light" under inadequate lighting conditions. In other wordsthe 
roots let go and it floats to the surface. I suspect the snail and Plecoare 
simply speeding up the process. Under adequate light it is tough to pullthem 
out of the substrate if you try. I have microsword that have roots twoinches 
long. I use more laterite in the front where they grow. While Iunderstand 
that increasing lighting is sometimes very impractical for one, Iguess that 
would be the route I would take rather than mechanical means tokeep them 
down. However, the pottery clay sounds like it might work. If youtry it let 
us know the result. "

      In reply, let me say that while my tank is low light, I don't think the 
Microswords are ejecting themselves from the substrate for want of light- the 
area that seems to be the most problematic actually receives more light than 
another area where they seem to be doing ok. Since my first post, and 'bright 
idea' about using pottery clay for anchors, I haven't yet had a chance to go 
get any- I have to go right downtown ( none of the little places around here 
stock any, because the smallest quantity you can buy is 25lb- I guess I will 
have a bit left over if I get the urge to 'throw' some pots ). Hoping 
tomorrow I will get a chance to get there. I also plan to try the other two 
suggestions- 'tarping' the Microsword under weighted down netting and using 
scotch brite pads. I will post the results once I know what happens and which 
method works best. Thank you all for your help and advice. 


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