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Pics of another weed choked tank

     First of all, I saw your photos.  Neat tank!!  Is that riccia as your

     Now, about digital cameras.
What camera do you have?  There are a couple of features that will make your
photos much more enjoyable.  One is the spot meter.  If you have this
feature it will help out greatly with intense light "bleeding" into the rest
of the picture.

In addition to this I take all my "whole-tank" pictures at night with all
the lights turned off.  This makes for good contrast and keeps ambient light
from washing out the photo.

Mess with your camera's white balance, steady shot, exposure, speed, focus
etc. and it will work out very well for you.

A good person to get advice from, on this, would be Wright  Huntley.  He is
very knowledgeable when it comes to digi-cam-ing.

<<The tank is about a week away. Tried the surface water method that Amano
likes. I think I like slide film much better than digital still:) Maybe that
will change the more I use this medium.
Oh yea, this is the no filter tank with the UV. I'll add fish
shortly(shrimps and snails right now) and take some slide pics and new
digitals next tweekend. Damn tank was so fuzzy from peraling but in person
it looks so damn clear. Slide film picks that up, digital doesn't.
Tom Barr >>