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Re: Pics of another weed choked tank

I've always wondered how Amano (and now you Tom) gets the surface
to move when there are no pumps.
A good example of this is Amanos totally clean tank in "Nature Aquarium
World book one", page 154-155, which has a very active surface.
How do you do it? Whats the magic? =)


>The tank is about a week away. Tried the surface water method that Amano
>likes. I think I like slide film much better than digital still:) Maybe
>will change the more I use this medium.
>Oh yea, this is the no filter tank with the UV. I'll add fish
>shortly(shrimps and snails right now) and take some slide pics and new
>digitals next tweekend. Damn tank was so fuzzy from peraling but in person
>it looks so damn clear. Slide film picks that up, digital doesn't.
>Tom Barr