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Re: CO2 mixing

In a message dated 4/23/02 2:57:04 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> I'd like to gather opinions on folks' C02 injection strategies.
> Currently, I'm using the little Eheim reactor/bubble counter thing with
> the bubbles directed into the intake of an Eheim 2228 canister filter.
> This works okay, but I've noticed that if I jack up the CO2 too high
> (say 15 psi), gas builds up in the tubing and the filter starts to sigh
> (which I gather is gas building up in, and being expunged from, the
Well, this is a good one for me as I have just switched my system around.  I 
used to inject my CO2 into my Eheim 2228 canister filter, until I has 3 
incidences of the filter stopping, airlocking?, when I turned the CO2 up.  
These incidents all caused major loss, including $100's of discus.  I tore 
everything down, bought a new regulator and everything, which is not really 
relevant here or necessary.  In short, I would use either an in the tank or 
out of the tank reactor.  Tom Barr will sell you one, and since he is my idol 
I cannot in good conscience recommend any other brands, although there are 
others available.  Injecting CO2 into a simple reactor will be a much better 
and safer method, IMHO.

Good Luck,


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