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Re: Subject: Plant anchors

> I have a small tank with Brazilian Microsword planted in the foreground.
> is a low light tank, but I know the Microsword is growing ( slowly )
> I can see runners poking out of the substrate in various places. My
> is that I have a plecostomus and a snail that while foraging continually
> up-root the ones that haven't taken yet. I spend more time re-planting
> than anything else.
Brazilian Microsword according to Kaspar Horst has the tendency to uproot
and "seek the light" under inadequate lighting conditions. In other words
the roots let go and it floats to the surface. I suspect the snail and Pleco
are simply speeding up the process. Under adequate light it is tough to pull
them out of the substrate if you try. I have microsword that have roots two
inches long. I use more laterite in the front where they grow. While I
understand that increasing lighting is sometimes very impractical for one, I
guess that would be the route I would take rather than mechanical means to
keep them down. However, the pottery clay sounds like it might work. If you
try it let us know the result. Don M.