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Re: Cheap Lead

> > Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 22:37:35 EDT
> > From: SleetScat at aol_com
> > Subject: Cheap Lead
> >
> > The LFS asked if there was anyway I could put lead anchor weights on the
> > bunch plants that I trade in. I looked at the price of those things and
> > they
> > are outrageous! Does anybody have any cheap sources of a similar
> product?
> > Thanks,
> > Scott S
> >
> The nearest LFS to me is a Petco store, which sells plants. The bunch
> plants often come with lead weights to keep them together and make them
> sink.  The department manager has, several times, offered me a plastic bag
> with, perhaps, 10 or 20 of these weights -- free for the taking.

I'm constantly amazed at folks that will go utterly non-linear at any hint
of asbestos, but will be totally casual about a source of a true poison --
toxic heavy metals!

Asbestos is chemically extremely inert and only harmful in a few very
special inhalation circumstances. Lead, likewise, is chemically fairly inert
if your tank pH is always high.

If your pH ever drops (and it inevitably happens in most tanks) the lead is
etched and dissolved to become very lethal to your fish. Your fish will
start to show the symptoms of nerve damage, very quickly. [BTDTBTTS!]

I see no powerful reason for not doing what your store wants, but be sure
you understand the possible problems and don't wipe out your pets by using
lead weights in your own tank.


PS. There are lead strips sold as sinkers in sporting goods stores. They
might be cheap. Some states are outlawing them, tho, as they discover the
problems they can cause to the habitat.

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