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APD Defense Fund Book Auctions

Hi Everyone,

The following books are being auctioned to benefit the APD Defense 
Fund. You may view the complete list of books at: 

Many of these titles are probably becoming hard to find. This is a 
great opportunity to acquire a worthwhile book and donate to the fund 
at the same time.

Titles Include:

1. Aquarium Plants, Their Identification, Cultivation, and Ecology
2. Starting Your Tropical Aquarium
3. The Marine Aquarium for the Home Aquarist
4. The ABC's of Marine Aquariums
5. The Living Reef Aquarium Manual
6. Miniature Reef Aquarium In Your Home
7. Marine Aquariums
8. Breeding Aquarium Fishes, Book I
9. Windelov's Tropica Catalogue of Aquarium Plants
10. Breeding Behavior of Aquarium Fishes
11. Angelfish
12. Marine Invertebrates and Plants of the Living Reef
13. African Cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, 6th Edition

More auctions are coming so please bookmark the link provided above 
to stay updated on the most recent additions.


JoAnn VanDersarl

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