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RE: CO2 Help

>Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 12:54:03 -0400
>From: ArmaniCool at aol_com
>Subject: CO2 Help
>I'm looking for any CO2 cartridge that can fit 
>an ADA 74-YA regulator. In the passed I've purchased
>them from the ADA website. The problem is the cost
>associated with getting them shipped here. Any 
>help would be much appreciated.

I have used this system (well actually not Amano's but one just like it)
on a 10 gal tank for over a year now.  These cartridges are common in
the home brewing crowd.  I have been able to find replacement cartridges
from Beer, Beer, & More Beer.  A picture of the cartridge is at
(http://www.morebeer.com/index.html?page=detail.php3&pid=KEG960 while
the actual web page describing it is at
http://www.morebeer.com/index.html?page=detail.php3&pid=KEG960.  I also
have purchased form Stein Fillers (http://www.steinfillers.com/).  I
checked their web site but it appears to be in the process of changing
so I am sorry I cannot give you a more direct link.  For what it costs
to ship the stuff I found it best to order several at a time.

The regulator can be ordered from them as well or you can get one from
the manufacturer Leland Ltd. (http://www.lelandltd.com/).  Click on CO2
& N2 Valves and Regulators to see what they have got and you will notice
the similarity to the Amano regulator.  There is a spec sheet link from
the regulator page you might want to look at too.

My 2 cents - I finally got tired of changing out the little cartridges
every few weeks (not to mention the cost) and am going to a 2.5# tank.
I know it's small but I do not have room in this location for anything
bigger and it is 15 times more gas than the cartridges hold.  Plus I can
fill it for less than the cost of one cartridge.

Good luck!