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RE: Holy exploding glass Batman!

--- "LANGE, GARY W [R&D/1005]"
<gary.w.lange at pharmacia_com> wrote:
> From: "LANGE, GARY W [R&D/1005]"
> <gary.w.lange at pharmacia_com>
> Subject: RE: Holy exploding glass Batman!
> Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 12:27:55 -0500
> off list, you can post if you like but I'm not at
> the right computer.
> I also lost a cover glass to 4 x 55 watts of PC's in
> a light box.  At the
> time I didn't have any "rubber bumpers" on the
> bottom of my lights.  Could
> have just been a faulty piece of glass or the heat
> building up.  After that
> though I put little 1/4 inch rubber bumpers on the
> back side of my light
> box.  Reasoning was to let more heat out of the box.
>  Hasn't happened again.
> Fortunately for me the glass didn't fall into the
> tank but it was kind of
> scary moving a piece of quarter inch glass (32 x 24
> inches) that had several
> fractures in it.  I ended up duct-taping it together
> to move it so that I
> didn't get impaled on one of the shards.  
> gary lange
> gwlange at mindspring_com
> Just took a look in my 135gal, and noticed a big
> huge
> piece of glass in the back.  ("What the hey?!"). 
> The
> glass in the back has an irregular huge break in it,
> and I am VERY lucky that my CF + reflector, which
> rests on the glass, didn't fall into the tank!
> No recent (like today or yesterday) water change, or
> change in water level.  I can't explain it.  Like a
> stress fracture that grew over time, and snapped
> today.  Extremely weird!  Anyone ever have
> experience
> with this?
> Arthur
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