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Re: pro none see ay shin

> Give
> _anyone_ who dares correct your pronunciation of a scientific name a dirty
> look....lol
> James Purchase
> Toronto

I thought you were suppose to give them _a knowing smile_ when someone
corrects you? Might get sued for a dirty look.

As long as it sounds good and flowing, it is often accepted.

One name that gets pronounced quite differently is Myriophyllum by
biologist. Old school botanist and new folks say things quite differently. I
like the fluidness of the old school method.
But every so often someone says "hey!........"
Sometimes it's helpful before saying the names to simple state: I don't
correct others when they mispronounce something as it can be rude and I
expect the same courtesy in return:-)
I like to hear the different ways a word is pronounces and don't care
Tom Barr