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Re: planta and taxonomy

Allen wrote:

>Plants are not categorized by similarity in morphology
nor phenotype, but
>are categorized by seed and flower comparisons.  As
you said there are some
>plants with incredibly different looking species but
they may be very
>closely related.  Flowers/fruit/seed are used to this
day by plant
>taxonomists for categorizing plants.

FYI, seed and flower comparisons ARE  specific types of
plant morphology.  It is 
the morphology of of the reproductive organs of the

Morph = form and logy = study, so, morphology is the
study of form and structure.
(Webster's Dictionary).  In this case, the form and
structure of flowers, fruits and 

I don't mean to be a stickler, but education is one of
the reasons we come to this site.
Nes pas?
G. Martinez

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