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Re: Bamboo, corn plant and other misnomers

>There are some plants that are called "bamboo" but
>are not true bamboos.
>Lucky Bamboo is very popular now and sends out shoots
>when a stem is placed
>in water.  It is Dracaena sanderana, a member of
>the "corn plant" family
>(very common as a house plant).  It does fine in
 >water only.   Perhaps this is what you have?

Not to single anyone out, but the above thread is a
prime example of the confusion and disinformation that
can spread when scientific names aren't used.  You
listening Billnet?

First of all lucky bamboo isn't a bamboo at all as was
pointed out.  It's a Dracaena sanderana.  Correct.  If
only it had stopped there.  Dracaena is NOT a member of
the "corn family," it's just called a "corn plant"
because it LOOKS like corn!  Much like red-tailed
fishes are called sharks because they look like sharks
some people.  Not to me, though.

Dracaena is a member of the Agavaceae family, while
corn, Zea mays, is a member of the Poaceae family.

Yes, scientific names may change as species are more
thoroughly investigated, but if you at least know an
old genus name, people will still know which plant or
fish you are referring to, such as Eusteralis stellata.
People still know which plant you mean even if has been
catagorized in a different genus.

Common names may be easier on the tongue, but can
lead to much more confusion and inadvertent

G. Martinez

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