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Sleep deprivation

Ok, two reasons not to write to a list while deprived of sleep, one, you
might look like a fool, and two, you are not very clar.

I was not specifically talking about discus when I was talking about water
changes only.  Watley spke recently at our general aquarist club meeting.
He was doing water changes once a day on his juveniles and fry.  Sorry but
I'll take filtration, however, low oxygen fish and such can handle no
filtration per fish per gallon and much less frequent and quantity of water

Second thing, was I said plants are categorized not by morphological
characteristics but by flower, seed, and fruiting characteristics, well if
that is not a morphological characteristic then I'm Betty Crocker.  Sorry
for sounding like a dufus.  By the way, someone has brought to my attention
that I was 50 years out of date for quoting these facts.  Well after some
discussion he and I have determined that I am actually 5 years out of date.
My apologies for not staying current.

Back to lurking till I catch up on the snoozing hours.

Allen "Boat" Boatman
Tampa, FL

Florida Flag Fish - eat my shorts Wright!.....(VBG)