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anubias blooming

hi all,

been lurking on this list for a couple of years.....dont have a "real" plant 
tank, but i love reading all the posts and such.  one day maybe i will have a 
tank just devoted to plants...

anyway, i have a 50 gallon tank that has 3 LARGE goldfish in it and i have 
planted it with crinums and anubias.  so far, so good.  the plants are all 
growing well....crinums are wrapped around the top of the tank already!   i 
thought that my 2 anubias nanas were getting new leaves, but now i think they 
are about to bloom.  is this a good thing?  can i cut them off to promote 
vegetative growth?  the focus of this tank is really the fish, but im just 
curious about the anubias.  please forgive my lack of knowledge.  thanks, 

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