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Re: Aquasun VHO question

>Just purchased some URI AQUASUN VHO 160W  72" bulbs from MOPS >online (
http://www.mops.on.ca/ ).  Great site by the way (Canadian).  
>Anyhow, I can't dig up much info on these bulbs and I've even visited
the URI >website - to no avail - but couldn't find answers to a few of my
key questions: 

>These particular bulbs operate at 10,000 Kelvin or "correlated color
>Anyone have any idea of:

>What is the CRI of these bulbs? 
     I just tried out a few of these myself, and I was somewhat
dissapointed with their dark, gloomy appearance.  Lots of Blue and and
Red, but not enough green for my tastes.  Reminds me of a VHO Gro-Lux, 
(If such a lamp exists) perhaps with a little more green than the
Gro-Lux.  With a name like 'Aquasun', you would expect a high color
rendering.  I'm not sure what the CRI is, but I would be surprised if
it's even in the 80s.  I decided to go ahead use them, but only in
combination with some  Colortone 50s.  (the Philips equivalent of a GE
Chroma 50)  I am thinking of trying the Penn Plax Ultra Tri-Lux, but only
if the CRI is more pleasing than the Aquasun.  Can anyone give me some
feedback on this lamp?  

>What kind of lumen output or luminous flux?  Lumen maintenance?
  George Booth has made lumen measurements of several different lamps;
you should be able to find them at thekrib.com.