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Micah Johnston asked for info about URI Aquasun VHO bulbs:

I can only tell you a little, which is this:  Whatever the CRI, don't
worry about it.  These bulbs have excellent color if what you are after
if for visible colors to look the way they do in bright sunlight.  I
think the must have a very sharp spike down onthe blue end of the
spectrum to give them there 10K color temp rating -- they look neither
"bluish" nor "pinkish."   It's hard to say that aobut most PC bulbs. 
They make plants happy, too. :-)

On an IceCap or other quality electronic ballast, and perhaps with a
fan if necessary to keep the bulb temp down around 120-130 degrees F,
these bulbs will make your plants happy for many months.  If your
lighting (watt/gal) is on the high side, you can run these bulbs for
over a year, no problem.

My most successful tank runs the 24" versions of these bulbs.

Scott H.

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