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10 Gallon Algae Attack

I didn't get any responses the other day on my big
post so here's another try.  

10 gallons
1 36 watt AH PCF
50 GPH Duetto
Yeast co2 - PH 6.7
7 dGH, 5 dKH
.5ml Flourish, .25 Flourish Iron per day
5 ml Flourish Potassium per week
4-6 N (Lamotte), .2-.5 P

As I said, there was some hair algae on the riccia I
put in.  I thought that if I kept things in the
suggested ranges it would be ok.  I have noticed that
this tank goes through a lot less nutrients than my
nearly spotless 30.  I think the problem may be that
the plants just aren't established enough and/or
enough of them.  They are growing, but have a bunch of
fuzz on them now.  

Today I added 3 black mollies and six Caridina
japonica which are all munching away.  Also some

Some questions:

1.  Am I correct in thinking that the cause is just
that things aren't quite established?  My 30 has
almost the same exact conditions but in that tank I
need no herbivores.  

2.  Are ghost shrimp compatible with the japonica?  I
could add a bunch of those for cheap.  

3.  The glosso looks a bit yellow.  Is it safe to add
more iron?  

Thanks, Cavan

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