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wet/dry, UG, or powerfilter for 240g

I have a 240g tank that I'm getting out of storage.  I used to have a
large wet/dry on it, but it was not fun.  I couldn't go more than 3 days
without having to change the felt in the prefilter, and every week I'd
have to completely change all the felt in the filter itself.  I will
have a much lower fish load in this tank (it had large arrowana), and
since I'm in California I'd like something to be economical in terms of
power consumption.  For power consumption reasons I was going to put a
UG in it (I already had the plates), but I recently realized that a
small (500gph) pump in the wet/dry might not use much more power than 3
or 4 powerheads on the UG.  So, now I'm not sure what to use.  The UG
would be much quieter than the wet/dry and wouldn't require as frequent
cleaning.  The wet/dry will filter better but require greater
maintenance (and the sound of the water gurgling down the tubes is

One other possibility is that I have a large renaissance cannister
filter sitting in the garage.  Perhaps it and a couple of my aquaclear
filters would be sufficient for a planted tank.  This would be fairly
easy to maintain, wouldn't require too much power, and wouldn't be too
noisy either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I am making a simple hood to hold
6 40w bulbs, and will probably get a 20lb CO2 tank also.  Thanks,