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Filterless Discus?

I've been keeping an unfiltered plant tank for about four years.  I've had
the tank set up in two different towns with different water supplies and
once run in I've never been able to record any kind of nitrate.  In an off
list discussion the idea of a filterless tank with discus came up.  Has
anyone ever done this?

I am wondering why discus should be any different than other fish. I know
that they are sensitive but the plants are the best filters, no?  Currently
I have a great deal of anachris and hornwort and banana plant lily pads
floating on the surface of half of my 75 which keeps light levels down on
that part of the tank to what should be discus-comfortable levels.  I
believe if you have enough light and CO2 it should be possible and that
floating plants should be able to provide acceptable light levels.