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re: Filterless Discus?

This is bad idea, I think.  Let me tell you why.

Sure you can keep fish in an unfiltered tank with
plants.  You just can't keep AS MANY fish.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but historically
fish were first kept in unfiltered tanks.  With the
advent of filters they discovered they could keep more

Now, why not Discus?  Because they are big, eat a lot,
produce a lot of waste, and are hyper-sensitive to bad
water.  Not a good combination.  Filtration is so
cheap and easy, that there is no good reason not to
use it, IMO, if you are keeping discus.

I have recently decided not to try and grow out discus
in planted tanks.  I'm going bare-bottom, but that is
whole nother discussion.


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