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Re: Shelf Life of Tropica Master Grow

S. Hieber at shieber at yahoo_com wrote:

> Edward from M3 gave the QT on TMG's EXP:
>> I asked this question to Tropica of Denmark sometime ago.  And Claus'
>> answer was 4 years from the date of manufacture.  So don't use the
>> product if it is older than 4 years old.  Also no refrigeration is
>> required although it 'should' prolong the shelf life.
> I believe one (maybe the only) significant time-limited element in TMG
> is the HEEDTA chelator.  Exposure to ultraviolet (sunlight) can speed
> it's denaturing.  So keep your stored TMG dark and cool.  And if you
> refrigerate, don't mistake it for a cranberry cocktail.  ;-)
> I don't recall any date of manufacture on the bottles anywhere.  Is my
> memory aging more poorly than my TMG or is really not marked?

There is no date info on the bottles I bought.

I recently emailed Claus Christensen about the shelf life of TMG, and he
told me that the shelf life of TMG is "more then 3 year!" before opening and
"at least one year!" after opening. (Since there isn't any seal on the green
cap, I'm not sure what exactly constitutes being opened, but anyway...)

When I asked Claus if it was not possible to specify an exact expiration
date due to the many potential variables, he responded "correct!" I asked
him if TMG was subject to microbial breakdown and he stated that "there is
an protection against that!" As far as extending the shelf life with
refrigeration, Claus told me that "it is possible .... but I do not
recommend it!" (the label does say "min. temp 5C")

Anyway, I figured anyone enthusiastic enough to answer every question with
an exclamation deserves my business, so I bought a couple of bottles.

Dan Dixon