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re: Insultingly lame assault

Alan wrote:

> I responded with an email to johnslists at petsforum_com and John Benn
> wrote back that I should check the headers and that this wasn't from
> him.  I don't understand how it could say it was from him and not be
> from him...although I of course believe him.  I also don't understand
> how to "check the headers" in Outlook Express.  I do know one thing
> though...I am really glad I chose Norton to protect me.

It's very easy to "fake" the return address on email.  It's done 
regularly for legitimate reasons and not.  I don't use Outlook Express, 
but most or all other mail readers I've used allow you to see the mail 
headers.  The mail header tells you more about where the mail came from. 
You might look for options as "view headers" or "view source".  
However, being a Microsoft product, they may not allow you to see things 
that might confuse you.  They're always looking out for the customer 
that way.

If you are really concerned about problems with virussss or worms then 
you probably shouldn't be using Outlook Express.  It seems to be the 
target of preference for propogating such things.

Roger Miller