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RE: Dying puffer

If you want to euthanize him (I would in the circumstances), my prefered 
method is to net the fish from the tank and place into a 32oz (or 
sufficently sized) tuperware container.  This container should be ~2/3 full 
of tank water.  Once the fish is in there, or before hand even, put in about 
6 good-sized ice cubes.  The fish's metabolic rate will rapidly decrease and 
the fish should be dead in ~1 minute or so.

Alternatively you could "pithe" the fish, but this is much messier and 
requires little more practice to do humanely.

Whatever you do, don't flush the fish while still alive...  (Although I 
admit to doing that to a particularly nasty fish once upon a time)



It is with a sad face that I write this post.  My freshwater spotted
(leopard) puffer is dying.  I'm writing to find out what I can do!?  He has
lost all control over swimming, bumps into the glass and gravel/plants,
doesn't eat but hes still breathing! :-(  I had a bala shark do this for a
very long time and I feel its a slow and painful way for them to go.  What
can I do???


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