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Re: Lotus....I think

Ed Dumas asked about cold tolerance of Nymphea lotus. Regarless of the
specific epithet, this is a waterlily, not a lotus. According to the USDA
database, the plant is an introduced species found growing in the southern
U.S. so I doubt that it could take too much in the way of prolonged freezing
(i.e. it wouldn't survive in Buffalo). There are between 50-80 species of
Nymphea growing all over the world and probably hundreds of cultivated
varieties, many of which are hardy. Only the "dwarf" species are suitable
for use in an aquarium and these only marginally. Sooner or later they will
all start sending up floating leaves. I doubt that they will flower without
some floating leaves. Getting them to bloom is also helped along by a very
heavy fertilizer scheme and a few hours of sunshine every day. I had a
tropical miniature bloom for months in an aquarium a few years ago. The tank
received 6 hours of afternoon sunlight every day. Nothing quite as pretty as
a fresh waterlily blossom in February.

B.T.W., the "real" Lotus - Nelumbo (2 species, one in N.A.) is a different
plant altogether, not even in the Waterlily family.

James Purchase