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Inline Needle Valve Scheme

Here's the deal.  I have my 30 gallon hooked up to a
pressurized co2 setup on one side of the room.  I just
converted a ten on the other side to a serious planted
tank and it's currently running on yeast.  I've
thought about splitting the co2 line and putting an
inline needle valve to the ten as follows:    

ten gallon -------------------------------inline
                                          needle valve
         30 gallon--------------------------
                                          tee or gang
                                         needle valve 
                                         attached to

I figure it will take about 16-18 feet of tubing as
the best route I can think of is over the ceiling.  Is
that too far?  I know someone who has done something
similar, but I'm not sure about the distances
I would use silicone tubing to minimize co2 loss.  

Thanks, Cavan

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