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Rating Vendors

While the APD archives are a useful resource, they are not sufficient for
tabulating any kind of statistically significant information about on-line
retailers.  It occurs to me that we could take advantage of one of the
on-line rating services as a way of tabulating feedback for on-line
retailers of aquatic plants and supplies.  For example, www.
resellerratings.com, allows one to post comments about any on-line store and
generates a numerical rating.  The pros of this is the obvious advantage of
knowing others experiences with a particular vender.  The cons is that this
is another service to register for, another source for spammers to get your
e-mail, and you need many people rating before you get a meaningful rating
(I use a throw-away e-mail address for stuff like this).

Whatda ya think?  Anyone know a better site than resellerrating for ratings?