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Yamato (Amano) Shrimp

I realize my question is not about aquatic plants, but was hoping the fine
folks here would forgive me for that and help me anyway.  Two months ago, I
purchased 17 Yamato shrimp from an LFS.  I took great care in introducing
them to my newly setup planted aquarium.  Since that time, they have been
doing very well in my tank, and I have experienced only one shrimp death.
Thatís pretty good from what Iíve read about them.  However, this morning I
awoke to discover something surprising in my tank.  So far today, I have
been able to identify at least three egg-bearing females in my tank.  These
three shrimp are carrying what appears to be hundreds of eggs under their
bellies.  This was quite a shock to find, and ran straight to the Internet
to find more information on how to better ensure success when breeding
Yamato shrimp.  Sadly, I have not been able to find much information.  Most
articles simply state that it is very difficult to breed these shrimp and
can only provide guesses on how best to care for Yamato larvae.  I have
found references to two articles written by a German man and a Japanese man.
However, references have also been made that these two gentleman received
egg-laden females and were able to raise the young that were produced, not
that they managed to get the females to produce the eggs in captivity.  Can
anyone provide me with information on breeding and caring for Yamato shrimp
or at least point me to someplace where I can find more information?  Any
help would be appreciated!!!


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