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Re: 35 w lots of light

> Just did a fresh test of our water.  It came out as KH3.4 (60mg/L),
> GH5.6(100 mg/L).  I add baking soda to get the KH up to 4-5ish and go from
> there.

I'd just leave it if it's 3 or higher. Gh is fine. Most folks would love
that water. Check the KH every so often in case it moves around some.
Drop your pH to 6.4 range during the day using only CO2 gas.
> I have 6 rosy barbs, 4 juvenile blue rams, 2 small SAE, 5 cory matae, 5
> otocinclus, some ghost and amano shrimp, and 1 small unknown fish.

That's no problem then. Add PO4 and KNO3.
> Ordered some K2SO4 and KH2PO4 online and will convert to using that once
> it arrives.  For now, I'm doing small doses of KCL, KNO3, and traces every
> 2-3 days and keeping an eye on things.  I suspect I'll be posting more
> questions as I expect to see changes in my tank.  If they aren't all good,
> I'll be back. ;)

Well they will if you have good CO2 and add the right amounts.
You will not see a dramatic improvement using the K2SO4 but more an overall
health over time. The PO4 will be more dramatic.
Tom Barr  

> Robert Chady
> Chippewa Falls, WI