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I look upon a POND as an open aquarium, i.e. an aquarium without a lid.

According to me, following are the benefits of a POND v/s a low tech

1. In my country(INDIA), in outdoor aquarium(pond), the light part is taken
  care of  ample sunshine- light duration needs to be limited to prevent

2. Mosquito larva takes care of live food needs,

3. Bubbling plants makes filter unnecessary,

4. Extra decoration like fountain etc. can be added,

5. Less size limitation,

6. In my personal observation, fish growth is better outdoors than indoor
   (May be that green algae/mosquito larva is more nutritious than artifical
    fish food)

7. Can act as a sort of nursery to grow aquarium plants

Disadvantages may be :-

1. Side view is not possible(in case of a pond in the ground),

2. Uncontrolled entry for critters/insects/snails/frogs, etc.

3. Green water risk is always there(can be reduced to some extent by

4. Fishes vulnerable to birds/dogs/cats.

5. Environment may not be that controllable as in a high tech aquarium.

Dr Athale.
Baroda, India