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RE: Flourite Red / Flourite calcuation

Scott H.  wrote
Scott H. wrote

<< divide Cubic Inches of Flourite Needed by 28 for number of Flourite 
Pounds Needed, then divide by 12 for number of bags (at 12 pounds per bag).  >>

On my Calculations page, 
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/flourite.htm, I have

<< To calculate the number of bags of Flourite you need, SeaChem told me to 
allow one 1 kg for every 62 cu. inches (a bag of Flourite is 7 kg). So you 
can use:       Desired Volume of Substrate in cubic inches/ 434    >>

As an example, for our 72x18x5 tank I get 15 bags by my calculation vs. 19 
bags for Scott's.

Checking SeaChem's web site ... they do say that a bag is 7 Kg -- about 
15.4 lbs, not 12


Jared Weinberger