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Re: pH/KH/CO2 table

> CO2 -  48ppm = 48mg/L
> Alkalinity - 70ppm = approx. 4deg kH
> pH - 8.0!! (should be around 6.5 according to the chart, assuming the other
> values are true)

Well, it is very doubtful. I'd stick to the chart. Most(99%) folks run low
on DIY CO2, not too high.
> My other relevant data:  40gal mod to moderately-heavy planted tank (S.
> American plant species) set up since Feb. 5th, DIY trickle filter,
> laterite+flourite substrate, pressurized CO2 at about 1bubble/sec, PC
> flourescents (48" 2x65W Custom Sealife BriteLite) 150w WeissLite, using
> PMDD.  Temporarily, I have 8 black mollies.

I'd say poo poo the CO2 kit.
Stick with pH and KH from now on.
Don't add any weird pH adjusting buffers.

> - Lew