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Re: White Anubias

> Subject: White Anubias
> Tom Barr,
> Is there a story behind the "white" anubias? How did you find it? Does it
> normally occur in nature or did you have a little extra white paint?
> Thanks,
> Scott S

No, it's an unusually white strain of a variegated Anubias barteri.
Combined with low NO3, and high traces, PO4 etc produces a nice white color.
If more NO3 is added the color is not so white and more chlorophyll is
produced giving a greener color. Variegated plants grow slower since they
have less green pigment than normal same species plants. This is why we
don't see albino plants, no Chl a so they sprout and die after the food
reserves are used up. This plant is very white but not completely so it will
grow, although slowly.

This plant came from an Asian farm.
Tom Barr