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Re: BGA eaters (was "Christmas moss is here!!!!!!!!")

>I was wondering to American flag fish eat blue green algae/bacteria
     American Flag fish will eat certain algaes, but I've never seen them
eat BGA.
Although I have never seen this discussed on the APD, at least some
tadpole species will eat BGA.  I have one reference to back this
up,(Rataj and Horeman) along with my own observations in my tank.  I
recently bought 2 Leopard frog tadpoles for my 38 gallon tank.  I didn't
get them for Blue-Green Algae control, and I was surprised to find them
eating it.  I think any old tadpole might just work.  If you can't find
them at your LFS, try streams, creeks, ponds, etc., in your area.