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Algae's impact on the environment

Hello everyone, 
Today I read this article in the newspapers. Found it interesting. Would like to share it with everyone since our aquariums get troubled by algae every now and then. 

Headlines: Scientists puzzled by giant sea blob. 
MIAMI- Scientists are puzzled by a giant 150 km-long blob of black water that was first spotted off the Florida coast in January. 

"Everything seems to point to a coastal marine origin and we haven't found any link to a river discharge or any input of nutrients that we can identify," said Mr Gil McRae of the Florida Marine Research Institute, which is studying the olive-green blol in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Fishermen were fist to sound the alarm about the spot because of the near-total absence of life within it. 

The blob even glows at night, making it visible from space as it sits some 15km off Florida's west coast and just above the Florida Keys. 

Said Mr McRae:"The information that we have at this time indicates that this is a natural event, most likely due to an algae bloom.

"The only thing that may be a concern is, as the bloom dies and sinks to the bottom, bottom organisms could be affected as the plant matter settles on the sea floor."

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