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>I know you're saying this tongue-in-cheek and for a good cause, but I think
>that's borderline taste. Don't forget that $55 to Madan S. in India is
>equivalent in purchasing power terms to at least $555 in the U.S. To make a
>generous bid and then be spurned as a "foreigner", and that too by another
>"foreigner", is a cheap shot.

Someone sent me the above message privately.  I'm answering her here
so that she knows I didn't meant what I said to be a cheap shot.  I'm sorry
if I offended anyone when I described Madan as a "foreigner".  Madan,
I hope you won't take offense.  If you read my message again, you would
notice that I put "foreigner" in inverted commas.  It was meant to be
tongue-in-cheek.  My sense of humour can get to be a bit twisted at
times.  I was just imitating "you know who" who called me a foreigner

Loh K L