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Should I close the auction?

Someone sent me a private message that said:

>    Hi Kwek,   I just wanted to let you know that I have the  utmost
>respect for what you are doing for the APD defendants.   I also want to
>bid $250 to the APD on your  auction (anonymously please), under the
>following condition:   That you accept my bid as the highest, close the
>auction, keep the plants, and start a new auction for them on  Aquabid.  
>I believe that's the fairest way to do this, it will give  everyone a
>chance to bid real time, rather than via email or the mailing list,  and
>will expose the cause to a greater number of people.  I don't think
>anyone will complain if you accept the $250 offer, knowing that they will
>have a  chance to bid again.  And everyone on APD will know about the
>auction, as  you can post the starting time on the list.   Please let me
>know if this is agreeable to  you.  (If not, I will still contribute the
>$250 to the Defense Fund  :-)  I get paid late this week, so the check
>will be sent to the Defense  Fund by Friday at the latest.  I do ask that
>you keep my  name anonymous, but you can certainly share the proposal with
>the  group.  Thanks!  

What do you think, folks?  It's a very generous donation and for that amount
($250), I'm more than ready to close the auction.  I'm not familiar with how
things work on Aquabid though.  Don't know if I can get the auction
running there.  But I'll try.

Loh K L