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Re: yeast in the tank

greetings all, 
Well, it finally happened, after 4 yrs of running yeast bottles, I managed to 
get the yeast solution into a tank. This is a 10 gal tank, here's what I am 
doing: 50% water changes every hour, increased filtration, added aeration. 
The only casualties so far have been a couple of ghost shrimp. There is funky 
white crap on everything (fungus, bacteria, IDK?).I don't really have access 
to a uv or any fancy filtration stuff. Is there anything else that I need, to 
be doing to rectify this? I have never dealt with this before, so I am not 
sure how to go at this. I could really use some help with this, if anyone ha 
got a minute. 
Tim Armstrong

this message is in no way defaming or slandering "pets"@....