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re:99 Fish and Pets Inc??

I just noticed an ad for 99 Fish and Pets Inc. in my latest TFH, and they
have a 48" 220 watt CF fixture for $120, now this sounds too good to be true
and I'm wondering if anyone has done business with them.  I can't seem to
locate them anywhere on the web and the only contact info in the ad is a
1-800 number.

I saw them, also.  I ordered a catalog via phone, as I recall, in mid
January.  When I hadn't received it after a couple of weeks I called.  They
told me that they have no web presence yet, phone orders only, and that I
hadn't received my catalog because they would only be mailing them near the
end of February.  (I have not received a catalog yet)  This is the limit of
my experience.  <The statements set down here are the facts as I recall and
should not be considered as containing slanderous intent>