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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1720

> It sounds like you are moving forward!  In a few months you'll look back
> wonder how such a thing could have happened.
Yes, actually, after buying the plants the other day things seem to be
looking up.  Normally after stirring up the tank as much as I do to plant
that many plants thats just the beginning of the saga.  The initial cloud
would form and a day or two later it would grow further and further until
about a week later I can't see the back of the tank.  This time I left it
and hour after hour the tank seemed to get clearer.  This morning I checked
on it and it seemed to be doing really well!  Hopefully it'll keep it up and
these new plants will help.  I got three swords, java fern, moneywort and
about 20 of two different types which I haven't identified yet, but they
seem as though if they plant they'll grow quickly.   I also have 4 pots of
micro swords that I broke up into about 1/4 or 1/8 pots and spread into a
small group about 1" or so apart.  I'm really hoping for a bed of 'grass'
that will cover the majority of the foreground.  I also evened out the
gravel so there isn't much more then about an inch or two over the laterite,
and when the plants are planted their root systems are no more then a thin
layer away from the laterite.  When I first started using laterite I had an
established tank.  I simply mixed in the laterite (after rinsing) with the
existing gravel and the plants seemed to love it!  I suspect they were in
fact too far away from the laterite for it to be benificial.  I hope to see
some signs of growth soon.

> (http://www.aquabotanic.com/index2.html)
I haven't had a chance to browse it, but it looks like a nice site, thanks

We'll see, thanks again for the help!