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Re: Hormones

> What are Auxins and Zeatins?

Plant hormones.

> Snake oil?  Or is there
> something to it?

Not much when adding it to a an aquarium. If you use it in foliar spray it
can relatively decent effects. These are typically one time effects, meaning
that it will not continue after you add it or adding more will increase the
effects. I used it on emmersed crypts. It never did a thing for the
submersed plants. Save your money. If you do use it, dip/spray your plants
and leave them in a bag for a 1/2 day then plant. Otherwise I'd pass.

  It is cheap...  It would also be
> nice to have larger leaves and such if it does in fact
> work. 

Your not going to get larger leaves from this alone, at least you can
quantify. If everything else is right and you do a water change spray it on
to the leaves wait a few hours, then refill the tank it might give you a
They add Gib's to the grape harvest to plump the fruit in CA and other ag
crops(increases fruit yield).

> How might they compare to Superthrive?  Or is
> Superthrive more for roots?

Superthrive works and perhaps better. Really hard to say though.
Roots are 1/2 the plant.

> Where can you get Superthrive?

Just about any garden center in the US.
I'd buy Superthrive(cheaper) before the Azoo stuff personally or if your
really into it: buy stock lab grade hormones. In the water column they get
diluted and most likely are very diluted when bought for aquarium use.

Tom Barr 
> Thanks, Cavan