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RE: Azoo plant hormones

I had a bad experience with Azoo plant hormones.  I started adding them
right after a major pruning and this correlated with my first outbreak of
BGA.  Of course, I changed several variables at once and really can't blame
any one thing.

**Wish someone with more tank space than me would do a controlled experiment
and report it here.

What I was trying to do with the Azoo products was make my Stargrass grow
bushier and have fewer blackened leaves.  I've actually succeeded in doing
this by:
     *Raising KH & GH from ~3 to ~5
     *Lowering temperature from 80 to 76 F
     *Major increase in traces and Flourish Fe (from 2 ml week to 2 ml per
     *Pruning the tops and letting a good root system establish (as opposed
to pulling the plant and replanting the top.)
     *Kept NO3 at 5-10 ppm, and PO4 at 0.5 ppm.

Unfortunately, these changes have negatively impacted my Rotala Macaranda

Joe K

Blooming in the yard: Corydallis (5 varieties), bloodroot, Cherry Tree,