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RE: Really Cloudy water :-(

You know, the exact same thing happened to me.  I also got back to fish
after a layoff (new apartment) and like you I got a 90 Gal (btw you ALWAYS
outgrow your tank :) ) so I think it's a 90 gal tank curse.

Same white cloudy water with a green tinge.  I believe it IS bacteria and
the green tinge comes light reflecting off your plants and colours the white
water (real green algae looks like your mom's pea soup).  Had it for months
and it wouldn't go away. Tried bio-balls, extra filter media all that stuff.
Finally brought a fluidized sand filter and spliced it onto the output of my
canister filter and the problem went away in a couple of days.

I eventually tried a fluidized sand filter and it cleaned it up in a couple
of days, that why I think it's bacteria.  Funny thing is later I removed it
to increase the water flow and the white stuff never came back. I now have a
UV filter with my canister.  For the occasional green water bouts, just turn
it on for a couple of days and clean.  Would work fine for your cloudy water
and in future for any green water, but I'm sure the geniuses here will have
some great ideas to solve your prob with no cost :)

I myself would like to know that what white cloud was all about.  Only thing
I could think of is some nitrifying bacteria that doesn't cling to media and
aways stays suspended which out competes the bacteria that does live on
surfaces (hence it stays around)???