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Oh, dear.  I was just passing on some suggestions and comments, not trying to 
start a fuss. 

"Extinct" is Extinct.  No more living specimens of the plant exist.  The only 
possible way to determine if there is a "real" difference between aquarium 
grown specimens and "pressed" specimens in the Herbariums is DNA.   It is 
expensive.  Is it worth it?  Probably not.  I have seen too many PhD 
dissertations arguing the earlier dissertations were wrong, for years and 
years and years.  It is the way of the PhD process.  Hopefully, knowledge is 
advanced.  However you view it, the plant in question is certainly NOT 

Moving on, the vast majority of our Aquarium plants are NOT grown in 
aquariums.  They are grown in ponds.  Nope, not in aquariums.  In ponds.  
Most of them with dirt bottoms.  My source?  The folks who grow them.  From 
several countries.  

Re-establishing a plant that has disappeared from its former habitat is 
assuming the habitat has not changed.  Hey, the evidence that the habitat has 
indeed changed is the disappearance of the plant. 

if a plant is no longer FOUND in the wild, so be it.  However, it is simply 
not proper to call it "extinct."  Just say "No longer found in the wild."  
Keeps everybody happy.  Follows the rules.  Well, it might keep lists more 
civil, but heck, even a good argument can advance knowledge. 

Cheetahs are an example of the complexities of biology.  And of the arguments 
between the learned professors.  It is really important only to the cheetahs. 

Sorry, I have spent too many years in the rarified atmosphere of the 
University to suffer fools gladly.  We are, supposedly, all searching for 

Lets see, what else?  Yes, KMnO4 is a powerful oxidiser.  Mix the powdered 
form with the right stuff, and you could cause some unpleasant things.  Don't 
do that.  It can stain your fingers pretty good too.  NEVER mix chemicals 
unless you know what will happen!  We recently had a gas poisoning incident 
locally.  Some darned fool decided to strengthen the ordinary bleach with 
another common cleaner.  Result?  A nice cloud of a pretty yellowish green 
gas that put a lot of folks in the hospital.  Want another deadly 
combination?  Liquid Plumbing solvents.  They smell nice.  Have you ever 
talked to an ER doctor or Gastroentorologist about what happens when a child 
tries to drink the nice syrup?  You really don't want to know.  It is pretty 
awful.  Almost everything we put in our aquariums can cause some really 
serious harm if mis-used.  Including CO2!  

Please use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, regardless of what kind of wire 
you immerse in your aquarium, and be sure the WATER is grounded.  Most of the 
aquarium electical accidents are from heaters and lights, neither of which is 
usually protected with GFIs.  I mentioned modern enamelled wire because I 
work with it.  It is pretty sturdy stuff.  It is very difficult to remove the 
enamel for soldering.  VERY difficult.   And, we are heating substrates using 
quite low voltages, which reduces the risk substantially.  Teflon insulation 
is also nice.   I will let you know how the wire works in the long run.  
Short run results are very encouraging.  I don't dig around in the gravel in 
my tanks, your MMV.  But, in my electrically heated hotbeds I always mounted 
the heating cables to hardware cloth, with the cables on the UNDERSIDE of the 
wire.  I dig around a lot in those hotbeds.  Again, YMMV.

 I will have to see the cables which were mentioned, but I have heard 
(through my greenhouse connections) that the modern cables are truly 
waterproof.  Being zapped is no fun, and I hope no one suffers it.  Use 
interrupters.  They are dirt cheap nowadays, and they work so well and so 
quickly that you can deliberately dip one hand in water while holding the 
bare wire with the other.  You don't feel a thing.  (Black humor follows.  
Don't read if you don't like Black Humor.)  And, if the GFCI doesn't work, 
don't worry.  You won't feel that either.  Forever.     :-( 

Does this controversy mean I will become extinct on the list?  Heck, I might 
as well go back to lurking.  I have been here for years, I rarely write. 

Jean   :-)