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I have used a few CO2 injection types, so here's my 2 cents:

Small tanks:  the ceramic disc diffusers (such as the one ADA sells)
work fine.  The hassle factor has to do with the crud that collects on
the disc and therefore needs cleaning maybe 1x/2 months with chlorx/H2O.
 Not bad.

Medium tanks:  I am currently using the Plant Guild's reactor, which is
in-tank and uses a small power head (Rio).  The unit makes almost no
noise, though I can hear the bubbles once the lights/fans go off at
night (now, those fixtures!! They make NOISE!).  I think it works great,
but it needs cleaning in my situation 1x/month due to algae and crud
buildup.  The power head brings in water and everything else, and that
collects in the little pad at the bottom, so I clean frequently.  Hassle
factor more than the ceramic diffuser above.

Large tanks:  You might consider injecting directly into a cannister
input, such as into the intake of an Eheim.  I did that for awhile, and
the hassle factor is nil.  However, I didn't like the noise caused by
the bubbles.  I like to add a lot of CO2, so the bubbles were a problem.
 I think that the different experiences people have with this method
have to do mainly with the bubble rate they use.

Alternative:  If I had a bigger tank (like a 70gal or so) I would
probably go with the external reactor such as Bob Buettner suggests.  I
just didn't want another water source outside the tank...I know,

Roxanne Bittman