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Re: Piranhas

Actually, most every species of piraanha can be
purchased but some are very expensive. All are pretty
much equally dangerous, which is to say if they are
very hungry extreme care should be taken around them.
I have seen about 5 species in a store locally. The
eating mammals thing happens when, during the dry
season, a group is stranded in a pool with no food
source. Generally in the wild piranha eat the fins of
other fish. This is their preferred diet, and has the
advantage of being a renewable resource. When they are
hungry they will and can eat most anything. I was
surprised to hear of them being kept in planted tanks.
The ones in the shop, even though well fed, ate every
plant ever put into their tank. They also tend to
occasionally nip on each other when small. Apparently
the young need a large amount of food. I have had my
hands in a tank with them on many occasions, but I was
always very careful. I would recommend keeping a
supply of feeders in the tank with them to give them a
supply of food when they decide not to wait until the
next meal is provided.

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:04:55 +0800
From: "Wah" <tswah at mbox3_singnet.com.sg>
Subject: Piranhas. 

Hello everyone, 

Just adding my two cents to the piranha discussion.
Ornamental piranhas 
are harmless to human but take care when handling

I don't think harmful ones are sold.(It is illegal to
do so in my 
country, Singapore) 

I observed in documentaries that those piranha that
can really kill 
huge mammals have very huge and protruding sharp teeth
like sharks. They 
are definitely not those sold as ornamental fish. 

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