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Extinct plants

I think the point is, it may no longer be found "in the wild," but it is far 
from extinct!  And the word "Extinct" means there are NO living specimens 
anywhere.  And, to attempt to say that the plant as grown in aquariums is 
somehow "different," lets get real here!  The rules of nomenclature just do 
not accept such a hypothesis.

Now, as to reestablishing "endangered species," a commonly available live 
bearer was quite successfully restablished from aquarium grown specimens.  
Care was taken to get the widest possible genetic base, but it was successful.

In the animal kingdom, it is now very well established that the Cheetah was 
once almost extinct, and all of the presently living cheetahs are so 
genetically identical that you can transfer skin grafts from any cheetah to 
any other cheetah.  There is not much genetic variation in that species 
anymore.  In fact, there is so LITTLE genetic variation that the species is 
really quite fragile.