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Algae Eating fish Questions???

I have a 40 gallon tank fairly heavily planted tank" getting there" I am
having trouble with beard algae on some of the older leaves and on some
of my petrified wood. 
My question is will American flag fish eat this or would I be better off
getting some SAE's I can get the AFF in town but would have to order the
SAE's from AZgardens which really is not to bad they are just a few
hours north of me but I was wondering how many SAE I could put in there
with out causing a problem because the min. order for the juveniles is 6
would that be to many right now all I have in there is a few oto's and a
clown pleco.
I am looking for information and opinions on what is my best option.
Thanks Matt
P.S. sorry bout the rambling just got a lot of questions? 

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