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Re: Lava rock, S. pusilla, M. matogrossense & B. monnieri

> >I'm interested in getting some Sagittaria pusilla for my small tanks. Is it
>particularly sensitive or demanding of certain tank conditions?>
>Not particularly.  It is about like any other Sagittaria.  Give it direct

I've actually never had Sagittaria. I did have Vallisneria (torta, I think) 
that I didn't have much success with... Can I draw the conclusion that if 
Vals die in my tank, then Sags would also be unhappy under the same 
conditions? Or are Sags easier to keep alive?

> >Today, I bought a Myriophyllum matogrossense 'green' and it looks like
>this: http://www.aquartica.dk/default.asp?id=556
>Is this the emersed form? None of the other photos of M. matogrossense look
>like this. They all seem to have a whispy sort of needle-like foliage. I
>really have to stop doing this... Last time it was Bacopa myriophylloides;
>I bought it, thinking it looked "cute," then found out that it was the
>emersed growth. It all died, too.>
>That does not look like matogrossense.  the only picture I have to go on is
>the one in Kasselmann, where the leaves are a lot less finely divided.

Aw, shoot... Guess I did it again, then. Well, I'll keep it anyway and see 
what happens.

>Last but not least, I have a B. monnieri stem that's sending up a flower
>spike. Unfortunately, the top of the stem is all the way up to the glass
>cover, and I really need to trim it. If I cut it an inch or two from the
>bottom, just enough so that when replanted the tip is hitting the water's
>surface, could the flower still blossom? Or is there no chance since it'd
>be separated from the roots? I would really love to see the flower blossom.
>Yes, I really need to get out more ;-).
>Just give it a day or two, and it will bloom.  Then, cut it.

Hope it happens soon... Too bad our digital camera is broken. Having a 
plant (other than Aponogeton) flower under my care is a milestone for me! 
Thanks, Paul. The Bacopa is a "descendant" of the cuttings you sent me :-). 
They're doing better than any of my other planties. Like I said before, 
it's the best thing since sliced bread.